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Meet our team

John HaynesJohn Haynes - Owner & Director

John has been a well known face in the dive scene of this part of the world for longer than most of us can remember! After spending many years working in the dive industry over in Australia, John returned home to his native New Zealand to start Performance Diver way back in 1998! 

John loves a deal, and can often be found negotating the next line of Performance Diver products from his office here in our Takapuna store. However, he still enjoys the hands on side of the business and can be found advising customers on their purchases, dive plans or simply sharing some of the knowledge he's built up over such a long time in the industry.

John has more diving qualifications than he can remember and is just as happy bringing home a feed as he is when in the water with 500kg hammerhead sharks.

Anthony BakerAnthony Baker - Store Manager/PADI OWSI


PADI Course Director Andy StewartAndy Stewart - PADI Course Director

Andy’s diving experience’s initially began snorkelling as a 7 year old hanging on to his father’s spearfishing float line while towed around places like Cape Brett in the Bay of Islands. After he completed a CMAS scuba diving course while at school, Andy got the scuba diving bug and has now been diving for over 20 years.

With a passion for introducing people to the underworld he eventually became a PADI dive instructor and in 2014 a PADI Course Director, PADI’s highest recreational instructor rating.

Andy doesn’t mind catching the odd cray and scallop but is very supportive and protective of the Underwater Environment. Andy has organized underwater clean up dives and is a strong supporter of Project AWARE, being the only 100% Project AWARE Instructor in New Zealand.

If you want to become a PADI Pro Andy is the man to talk to! Andy supervises Performance Diver's Divemaster training and Instructor Development Programmes.

When not blowing bubbles Andy works as the GM Information & Technology for the Selwyn Foundation, who are a non for profit Aged Care organization.

Laura Hutchings - PADI IDC Staff InstructorLaura Hutchings

I’m originally from the UK, but have been living  in New Zealand for the last few years. I have two young children, so my week days are spent doing the kindy/school run and getting involved in various other activities with the little ones… Then at the weekends I get to have fun and come to work!
I learnt to dive over 10 yeas ago while travelling in Australia. Since then I have dived in various countries around the world, including sites in The Caribbean, Europe, South East Asia, and well as Australasia. I won't often be found with a catch bag or camera as my pleasure comes from simply being underwater and appreciating the world and life that lies beneath…I just love being under the water! Even if I do complain that it’s pretty cold sometimes!!!
As well as teaching I also work in the shop and I absolutely LOVE my job. I enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge to beginners. I’m constantly learning from my peers and I’m continuing to learn as much about the diving industry as I can.
As well as being a PADI MSDT, I’m also a EFR Instructor and hold a Air Filler Certification

Magnus HammarsalMagnus Hammarsal - PADI OWSI

I learnt to dive the hard way back in the dark ages in Scandinavia and was re-introduced to diving in Malaysia in 2000 when the diving bug got a proper hold. I qualified as a PADI instructor in 2002 and have been introducing people to diving ever since.

When not teaching I catch the odd crayfish and scallop but mostly just enjoy the underwater environment. I rarely dive without a camera and Digital Underwater Photography is my favourite PADI diving specialty.

I have dived throughout the Asia-Pacific region but my favourite dive site has to be the Northern Arch at the Poor Knights Islands in little old NZ.  I have dived it many times and have never had anything but spectacular dives there.

Andrew Poor KnightsAndrew Cliff - PADI OWSI

My adventure into the underwater realm started in 1974 when as a young soldier in the Rhodesian Army I was selected to attend a Diving course with the South African Navy Diving School based at Simonstown Naval Base in Cape Town. After a three month course I qualified to dive with compressed air to 50 meters, 100% oxygen closed circuit rebreathing apparatus to a depth of 5 meters and basic underwater demolitions. For the next 6 years I was a member of the army sub aqua team with whose duties among others involved assisting the Police in search and recovery missions.

Newly named Zimbabwe being a landlocked country did not offer many opportunities for recreational diving and it was not until 2000 that I obtained my first civilian certification with BSAC ( PADI was not represented in Zimbabwe, that I knew of) and learnt the joys of diving with a flotation device and mastered buoyancy control.

My first PADI certification was carried out in 2009 when as a pilot on a private business jet I found myself at many dive sites around the world and without the required qualification to explore them.

Since that time I have had the opportunity to dive at a few exotic sites namely Bandos Island in the Maldives and Al-Zawr Island in the Persian Gulf.

Now that I am retired and have joined the Diving Instructor fraternity I can pass on to others the joys I have experienced in the underwater world.

James Noad EFRJames Noad - PADI OWSI

(loves teaching EFR courses!)


Tom Yarrow - PADI OWSI  Tom Yarrow Scallops