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Rental & Servicing

Air Fills

Our trained compressor operators are happy to fill your cylinders 7 days a week. A fill is $8.50 or you are welcome to purchase a 10 fill card for $70.00, saving you $15.00!

Important Safety Alert - 27/01/17
We have recently received notification from Worksafe and NZUA with regards to some older aluminium dive cylinders. This particular type of Aluminium (mostly pre-1993) has been failing dramatically (exploding) during filling and, in some cases, causing serious harm. Worksafe and NZUA are recommending that these cylinders are not tested or filled. As this is a matter of safety for our staff we are not willing to fill these cylinders. We're sure you can understand this position, and our apologies for any inconvenience. 


Hire Equipment and Rates

Not everyone owns their own equipment, but don't let that stop you from diving! Performance Diver has a great supply of hire equipment to get you out diving without costing you a fortune.

Individual item prices (per day)
Regulator $20.00
BCD $20.00
Wetsuit $20.00
Weight belt & lead $15.00
Boots $10.00
Hood $10.00
Mask / Snorkel / Fins $20.00
Steel Cylinder 10L $20.00
Steel Cylinder 12L $25.00
Steel Cylinder 15L $30.00
Full Set Prices (per day)

Full Set - 1x10L Steel Cylinder

Full Set - 2x10L Steel Cylinders
Specialist Items (per day)
250 KG Lift Bag $85.00
Underwater Metal Detector Not available
Underwater Camera $50.00
  • To hire gear you must present a valid SCUBA certification card, photographic identification and provide a credit card for security. If applying for 'club' rates, valid club membership / military ID must be provided.
  • Hire equipment may be picked up any time after 2.00pm the day before you intend to use it and must be returned to Performance Diver by 10.00am on the agreed return day. Failure to return by this time without prior agreement will incur an additional full day's rental.
  • The equipment will be issued to you in clean working order. Please wash your gear thoroughly in clean fresh water before returning it or you will incur a $15 cleaning fee.

  • Pre Season Check - This will identify whether your SCUBA Equipment will need a service or adjustment before your next dive.The most common complaint we see in the Technicians area is that the Octi (Alternate 2nd stage) is free-flowing. This could be just a simple fix or it could be a more serious symptom of a first stage failure. A Pre-Season Check will identify the cause of the problem and will ensure that only the work that needs to be carried out is undertaken. It's just $59 for a set of regs and $49 for a BCD. Click here to book now for regulators, and here for a BCD!
  • Full Regulator Servicing - Your regulators and gauges are your lifeline underwater and should be treated with the care and respect they deserve. Your life support equipment needs to be inspected on an annual basis, as recommended by the Dive Equipment Manufacturers. Our Service Technicians can service all the major brands and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your gear has been serviced by an accredited service agent. The cost of servicing varies a great deal depending on the make and model, so please contact us for a quote.
  • Cylinder Testing - In New Zealand, SCUBA Diving cylinders need a Hydrostatic test every 2 years. Dive cylinders must also be Visually inspected every year by a certified technician. Cylinder testing is conducted in accordance with New Zealand Underwater Association (NZUA) Standards and on completion of a successful test a ring of confidence (ROC) is fitted with that year's colour.
    • Dive Cylinder Hydrostatic Test     $50.00 (Includes Visual Inspection and air fill)
    • Dive Cylinder Visual Inspection    $38.00 (Includes air fill)
  • An often overlooked item on a dive tank is the valve. Is your cylinder valve hard to open? Or are you continually getting an under filled tank back from your dive shop? It could be that the valve needs a service or the burst disk needs replacing. Constant overfilling or rapid filling stresses the burst disk and may cause it to rupture.
  • Battery Changes - Here at Performance Diver we can perform battery changes on most dive computers. We'll happily change the battery on most dive computers which have a 'user replaceable' battery for just $39.00 and that includes the battery itself! Some models, especially older dive computers, use different batteries so just get in touch and we'll let you know a specific battery replacement cost. Click here to enquire. 
  • Some Scubapro / Uwatec dive computers require them to be returned to Scubapro for battery replacement by one of their staff, as these devices are oil filled and use a specific battery. This includes the majority of the older Aladin models. The cost for battery replacement on these devices is $275.00.