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The Platinum SCUBA Package

The Platinum SCUBA Package
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$2,388.96 $1,799.99 Save $588.97 incl GST
The best you can get! This is our top spec package, featuring gear from a top level big name manufacturer. RRP $2200!

Upgrade to a  Resource Pro dive computer duo console for just $299, saving you $210!
Add a Pro-Dive Liberator 6mm wetsuit to any gear package for just $299, saving you $100!
Add a Pro-Dive Atlantis 2pc 5mm wetsuit to any gear package for just $399, saving you $100!
  • Sherwood SR1 Balanced 1st Stage: The Sherwood SR1 regulator has superior breathing performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter.  The SR1 utilizes a two-piece flow-through first stage piston for a precise and optimum balance between ultimate performance and all condition reliability. The first stage is environmentally sealed featuring a dry-sealed spring chamber, two high pressure ports and five low pressure ports on a 360 degree swivel. The SR1 packs its advanced technology into a compact case which employs contemporary styling and utilizes a multitude of cutting edge materials. Impressive performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw.
  • Sherwood SR1 Primary Second Stage:  The SR1 utilizes a pneumatically balanced second stage. The second stage contains a SMART demand lever and floating crown which reacts to depressurization and relieves the load on the seat, extending seat life while promoting consistent performance. Importantly, the second stage employs a unique single adjustment point to simultaneously set opening effort and high flow performance with one motion. This simplifies the user tuning experience allowing you to concentrate purely on your dive. The size of the control knob has also been optimized to enable easy location and operation, even for a diver wearing gloves.
  • Sherwood Gemini Inline Octopus: The Gemini Inflator replaces the conventional BC power inflator and alternate source by combining the functions of both into a single unit. The Gemini couples to a high flow capacity hose attached to the first stage regulator to act as both the BC Inflator and octopus. The unit then lies flat against the BC minimizing bulk but in a location that is easy to access. The easy-to-operate power inflation, oral inflation and exhaust trim valve controls are designed to remain similar to conventional BC controls to take advantage of single-handed control familiar to virtually all trained divers. Provides excellent breathing performance without need for in-water adjustments.
  • Performance Diver Standard Depth Gauge & SPG: Quality 80 metre 300 bar rated gauges. Adjustable depth gauge with max depth recorded via re-settable indicator needle. Tough rubber housing to protect your gauges.  
  • Sherwood Avid BCD: Top of the line BCD from Sherwood with integrated weight system.The AVID features an integrated weight system providing convenience and ease when installing and removing the pockets.
    • CQR quick release integrated weight system.
    • Two rear trim weight pockets for perfect trim underwater.
    • Thick padding and plush nylon interior for comfort.
    • 3D designed aircell eliminates squeeze.
    • Two large, zippered pockets.
    • Sherwood's progressive power inflator gives optimum inflation control.
  • Performance Diver Bag: Performance Diver Bag with end pocket. Carrying your gear bag has never been easier than with this tough dive gear bag. Features no. 10 YKK Zips on all pockets.
FREE Shipping for Orders over NZ$100 (excluding cylinders)!

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