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Pro Advice

Image by Maël BALLAND

Find some great advice about choosing the best dive gear for your needs!

Image by Maël BALLAND

Here you will find the answers for the frequently asked questions

Read our the most interesting and useful articles about diving:


Decoding Dive Gauges: From Basics to Bespoke

Gauges might not be the runway stars of the dive gear world, but their role is undeniably critical.

edoardo-prando-aJb4phPvDAk-unsplash blurred.jpg

Dive Computers 2023: Making Sense of Tech Underwater

Dive computers have revolutionized the diving experience, providing invaluable real-time data to ensure safety and enhance enjoyment.


Demystifying the BCD: Not Just a ‘Bag of Air’

The Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) is often underrated, with many viewing it as a mere “bag of air”.


SCUBA Regulators: Your Ultimate 2023 Buying Guide

When it comes to diving, aside from your mask, a SCUBA regulator stands out as one of the most personal and vital pieces of equipment.

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