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SSI Specialty



Dive deeper into your passion with our specialty scuba diving courses! Whether you're fascinated by wreck diving, intrigued by underwater photography, or eager to explore the mysteries of night diving, we offer a diverse range of specialty courses tailored to your interests. Led by experienced instructors, these courses provide in-depth training and hands-on experience in specialized areas of diving. Gain new skills, expand your knowledge, and unlock exciting opportunities to explore the underwater world like never before. Join us and elevate your diving experience with our specialty scuba diving courses!


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SSI Specialty: Boat Diving; Stress&Rescue; Dry Suit Diving; Enriched Air Nitrox; Equipment Techniques; Night Diving & Limited Visibility; Navigation Search & Recovery; Waves, Tides & Currents; Deep Diving; Wreck Diving; Scooter/DPV Diving; Perfect Buoyancy; Photo & Video; ​Recreational Sidemount Diving; Science of Diving; Decompression Diving; React Right - Course Combination FA, CPR, AED, O2; Gas Blender Nitrox/Trimix

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