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Performance Diver Risk Disclosure Statement 

We are committed to delivering a safe and enjoyable experience. We take all care to ensure your safety, however, there are inherent risks in compressed air diving and freediving. To ensure your safety, participants must follow the instructions of our team at all times, be physically capable of undertaking the activity, and not be under the influence of drugs (including prescription medication) or alcohol.  


Risks may include decompression sickness, barotrauma, embolism, nitrogen narcosis, sea sickness, interaction with marine life. In the case of freediving this may include hyperventilation, shallow water black out, LMC loss of motor control and barotrauma. There are inherent risks involved in boating activity. These may include slips, trips and falls, sea sickness, collisions, capsize and/or sinking. Undertaking these activities may result in serious injury, drowning or death in the event of an incident. 


The nature of diving means we are often in remote locations which are difficult for emergency services to access. Hyperbaric injuries, decompression sickness or embolism require treatment in a recompression chamber. We are approximately 2-3 hours from a recompression chamber which is located at Devonport Naval Base. Please ensure our team are made aware of any medical conditions which may inhibit your ability to safely participate in our activities. 


Accidents can happen even when all safety guidelines are followed. ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) covers the costs of medical treatment for New Zealanders and international visitors while they are in New Zealand. It does not cover for ongoing treatment outside of New Zealand or disruption to travel plans. We recommend international visitors obtain travel insurance which covers diving and/or freediving. 

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