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Terms & Conditions

Payments and Security

  • Performance Diver is committed to your online shopping security.

    We use GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium and eWAY to ensure the security of your personal information and payment methods.

    We accept the following forms of payment:

The eWAY Process Explained

  • 1. Customer Capture During the payment process your customer will enter their order and credit card details. These details are securely transmitted to the eWAY payment gateway, ready for real time processing.

    2. eWAY Gateway Your customer's credit card details are encrypted by eWAY, ensuring they are stored securely. Payment information is passed to your Internet merchant facility for authorisation of the credit card supplied.

    3. Banking Network Your Internet merchant facility communicates with your customer's credit card issuer, confirming the validity of the credit card used and availability of sufficient funds. Once payments are successfully processed they are held in your Internet merchant facility ready for overnight settlement.

    4. eWAY Reports The result of the transaction is sent from the banking network to eWAY where the outcome is recorded within your transaction history. An e-mail receipt is automatically sent to you and your customer with the payment result.

    5. Website Response A real time response is returned to your website, informing your customer of the outcome of their payment.

  • Our website uses  GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium. QuickSSL Premium comes with a smart site seal which we display on our site.

  • Be sure to check the certificate when purchasing on our site. This will ensure that your details are kept between our server and yourself.

Dive Course Terms & Conditions

  • Homework - It’s essential that you complete your assigned homework / knowledge reviews before the course start date. This gives you time to think of any questions you may have, absorb some of the more technical information and allows us to progress through the theory sections as efficiently as possible. Failure to complete your homework means that you are behind right from the start, and are holding your group back. This is, understandably, not fair on everyone else and is likely to result in you being removed from the course without refund! 

  • Swim test – It is a requirement of the Open Water course that you complete a swim test. If you are unable to complete the swim test, you will not be able to complete the course and will not be refunded.

You are required to:

  • Swim 200 meters (or 300m in mask, fins and snorkel) using any stroke with no time limit.

  • Complete a float or tread water for 10 minutes in water which is too deep to stand.

  • Medical – Please go through the Medical Statement and answer all questions honestly and accurately. If you answer yes to any of the questions you MUST obtain a medical clearance certificate from a qualified Doctor before the course start as otherwise we cannot allow you into the water. Failure to do this before the course start date will mean that you are unable to take part in your course, and will be treated as a cancellation, thus needing to re-book a new course at full price. Click here for the Medical Form for diving.

  • Cancellations / Changes – We know that sometimes life happens, so we’re more than happy for you to change your course dates free of charge with more than 7 days’ notice. We do our very best to keep course costs low, so we rely on full courses to maintain our prices. As such, cancellations with less than 7 days’ notice will forfeit 100% of the original course fee. We regret that we can not accept cancellations, so we recommend customers choose to reschedule instead. Changes to course dates once your course has begun or switching courses are not possible, and refunds will not be issued should you choose not to, or be unable to, complete your course for any reason. 

  • Weather - Diving is a weather dependent sport. Our experienced team will always make our decisions regarding suitable diving conditions with safety as our priority. We will always choose the best diving location available on the day. In the event that the weather is not suitable for any safe diving activities, we will postpone and offer you an alternative date/s. We regret that we cannot refund a partially completed course in the event that weather it not suitable on your desired dates. 

  • Catch ups – Our courses have a schedule that is designed to have the right balance between giving students time to learn and master their skills and progressing at an efficient pace, and this suits the vast majority of students. Occasionally however, some students need additional time to fully master the requirements of the course as they are unable to complete in the allocated time frame. In these circumstances, we are more than happy to arrange extra time with one of our Instructors, but this is at the student’s expense. Our rate for additional one to one Instructor time is $199 per person per session.

  • Gear Hire – For the Open Water Course all gear is supplied except mask, snorkel, fins & boots aka software. You’re welcome to bring your own, hire from us or purchase your own. The cost to hire is $100 for the duration of the course. If you choose to buy, we have exclusive offers specifically for Open Water students to purchase during their course. 

  • Con-Ed and specialty courses do not include any gear hire.

  • Minimum numbers - For all courses we have a minimum student numbers requirement for the course to run. For the Open Water Course this is 4 students. For all other SSI recreational courses this is 3 students. In the event that minimum numbers are not met, you will be given the option of an alternative course date or a refund. During the course, a minimum number of 4 students are required for the Open water dives to run. This is up to the discretion of the Instructors and Performance Diver LTD. 

  • Promotions / course costings - Please note that our bring a buddy campaign does not include students aged 10 - 14 years old or full time course options. As we have strict ratios in place to ensure your safety, we have set costs and pricing available for these courses. Please contact us in store for more information on pricing and setting up a course for you or your child. 

  • Language - All course materials, such as the manuals and exams, are available in a multitude of languages. However please note that, unless you have booked a course specifically advertised as being conducted in a particular language, all teaching is done in English. While our instructional team are very experienced at teaching students whose native language is not English, it is essential for your learning and ongoing safety that you are fully capable and competent in understanding spoken English. 

  • Dates - All courses that are not purchased for a specific date must be booked within 3 months of the original purchase. Failure to do so would make the customer liable for the balance of any increase in cost that may have been implemented since the time of booking. All purchased courses and gift vouchers have an expiry date of ONE year from the date of purchase. Any purchases outside of this period are under the discretion of Performance Diver LTD. 

  • Please remember that you are booking a course, not simply paying for a certification! The old diving saying that you "pay for training, but earn your certification" is one that we firmly adhere to! There are several key performance requirements for all courses and if these are not met satisfactorily, we are unable to certify you.

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