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Mares Extreme Drysuit Undergarment

The Extreme Undergarment was created for trilaminate wetsuits or for diving in cold waters with neoprene wetsuits. Designed to give comfort to the technical diver in case of high humidity or water infiltration. The ideal product for extreme diving, capable of extending dive times and of taking decompression times to the extreme. All materials have been designed to offer total ease of movement.

The main features of the Extreme Undergarment freediving undersuit are:
• Thermal insulation on key body regions
• Breathable, fleece-lined, windproof and water-resistant panels on chest and arms
• Ultra-elastic elastane for greater flexibility and ease of movement
• Anti-odor, washable, breathable, moisture-wicking polyester
• Lightweight dry bag supplied, ideal for storing undergarments and other items
• Hand warmer pockets for maximum comfort and a handy zippered pocket for storing valuables 

Mares Extreme Drysuit Undergarment

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