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ProDive Prescription Mask

Are you finding it hard to see underwater? The Pro dive prescription mask is an easy fix! This twin lens, low volume mask, includes prescription lenses based on what you need! And what's better, this mask includes the lenses in the price! Simply let us know what diopter you need and we'll fit it for you. 
As objects are magnified underwater, we recommend choosing slightly less what your actual prescription is, nothing worse than coming up with a headache! We do both left and right lenses, negative and positive diopter and can mix for different eye strengths. 

** Please note that the positive diopter lenses come as a bifocal lens, not as a full size lens **
** Please contact us prior to ordering as some lens are currently out of stock **

If you have any confusion, contact us in store for more information. 


ProDive Prescription Mask

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